When you have a small apartment the best solution is to find versatile elements and trends. The black and white color combination is a timeless mix that basically goes with everything. It seems like a simple decision and a perfect solution for an apartment such as this one.

This apartment measures only 39 square meters. With such a small floor area delimitating all the spaces would be useless and not functional at all. As you can see, this apartment features a large common area that includes the living room, dining room, kitchen and even bedroom. The bedroom is usually a separate area but given the space and the type of home the owners wanted, it wasn’t a big compromise but rather an original thing.

The whole apartment is decorated in black and white. Since there’s basically just one big space, it was natural to have a continuous and uniform décor. The black and white combination is timeless, versatile and elegant. It looks very beautiful when combined with tones of brown, beige and occasional yellow.

The overall look is inviting and stylish. Even though it’s a separate space, the bathroom shares the same décor as the rest of the apartment. It was decorated with black and white tiles and fixtures. In a way it’s simpler to have a theme to guide you when decorating your apartment. It allows you to focus on certain elements and to have a better sense of what you’re looking for. However, it might get difficult when you can’t find the items that you need.